Sandra Coppoolse - Owner TentVision

What is TentVision?
"TentVision is a company that I founded about 5 years ago and that offers various stretch tent solutions to our customers. We both sell and rent out our stretch tent sculptures, as we call them, for big events, weddings, company openings and all kinds of big parties. Our product is not just a simple tent, it is a solution in which we use a big elastic cloth and clamp it with poles to a big and very nice looking design, resulting in a stylish solution for outdoor events. Together with the customer, I analyze what their needs and wishes are and based on that we can offer a stretch tent, sometimes fully custom made to the clients wishes. For example, we made our stretch sculptures for Van der Valk Hotels in The Netherlands, for which we came to a solution by going step by step in the process of their exact needs."

So how did you end up in Inzell then?
"Well, Marnix contacted me, because he had seen our products at another event and because he had the need for our solutions as well. For the opening of the new building, on October 5th 2013, he wanted to use one of our products in the garden of the Kia Speed Skating Academy. Since he called me just 2 weeks before, it was a really tough challenge to plan it all, but we managed it! A few days before the opening, I came to Inzell with one of my employees to build the sculpture and after the event we came back to break it down. In between, we had another event where we needed to be, so it all fitted in exactly."

So what is your further connection with speed skating?
"I don't have a real connection with speed skating, outside the fact that I like to watch the races. It gives me a real winter feeling, where I just like to watch when it is warm and nice inside. Besides that, I have also been in contact with a speed skating trainer in the past, Henk van Eijzendoorn, who trained me in my mountainbike career. I was a professional mountainbike racer in the past, which I enjoyed very much. I was Benelux Champion and won the silver medal at the Dutch National Championships in 1996."

So you do have a connection with top sport?
"Absolutely. That is also what I want to see in my current company, I only want to work with people who are fully dedicated and motivated to make the best possible solution for our customers. That is also the reason why I only work with freelance employees, so I know for sure that they have the same attitude in satisfying our customers."

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Sandra Coppoolse
Owner of TentVision

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