Rik Sijm - Director/owner of Forte Sportswear

What is Forte Sportswear?
"Forte Sportswear is a clothing brand that focuses primarily on functional sportswear for skating, cycling and running. Besides that, we try to satisfy the specific needs for other sports as well. In 2008 we started with this brand and from the beginning we try to distinguish ourselves by a high quality and functional way to create custom designed sportswear, where customers have all the opportunity to express their ideas and wishes about how the clothes should look like. One of our biggest projects is Alpe d'HuZes, a large-scale event with the aim to collect money for the cancer foundation. This summer we will support that for the third time, by making an outfit for all 4500 participants."


How did you come into contact with Marnix Wieberdink?
"I met Marnix last winter because I was the clothing supplier for G4S, one of the sponsors of Sport Navigator.NL. We went into conversation about Forte as a skating brand, which resulted in official partnership from the beginning of this season. Now we are official supplier of fifteen national skating federations, including Finland, Belgium and Austria. During international skating events, our suits show up very often."

So it was kind of logical to start a partnership for the KIA Speed Skating Academy as well?
"Besides the fact that our cooperation had already been committed, the passion of Marnix and his employees are undeniable. Therefore, I was immediately very positive about this great project. I think it is important that the development of international speed skating is secured through this unique initiative. That is why I want to contribute. We also see that the Academy provides an opportunity for meeting new people and linking interesting networks. It can thus contribute to the development of Forte as a (skating) brand. For example, we have also ensured that the guests at the opening of will be walking around in beautiful blue Forte vests."

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Rik Sijm
Director / owner of Forte Sportswear

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The Netherlands