Richard Kamphuis - Account Manager of Desso

Desso supports the Kia Speed Skating Academy in a very special way. Can you explain that?
"We are going to let the athletes get to know our very innovative carpet, the Desso AirMaster. This is a new type of carpet which reduces the fine dust inside an indoor climate, such as houses, offices or hotels. Thanks to this carpet, there will be eight times less fine dust present in the air, compared to a hard floor. Besides this, the dust can affect the heart and lungs and cause very severe physiological problems, like a changed lung functioning and all kinds of inflammations."

What do really healthy athletes gain from this innovative carpet?
"Top athletes are really careful considering their health. They do not want to become ill, especially since they are very amenable for diseases because of their hard training. A research of the Deutsche Allergie- und Asthmabund showed that the harmful effect of fine dust is significantly smaller when carpet is used, in stead of a hard floor. The AirMaster is developed and patented in a way that it improves the air quality. The carpet also fits in our Cradle to Cradle-philosophy, in which the carpet has to be completely recyclable."

So the KIA Speed Skating Academy is a sort of showroom for you?
"Yes, you could say that. This carpet has only been on the market for a year, but we want to show the product on a place that fits the use of it. Germany is one of the most important importers of the hundred countries in which Desso sells carpet and, for example, artificial grass. The Cradle to Cradle-philosophy which we use, has also been invented by a German. There has been placed about 700 square meters of Desso carpet in the KIA Speed Skating Academy, of which 420 square meters of AirMaster. You can be sure that we will send a photographer to make sure we capture the connection between the world of sports and our carpet."

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Richard Kamphuis - DESSO


Richard Kamphuis
Account Manager of Desso

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