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Anja BrunnerMarnix Wieberdink? Skating academy?
"Until approximately one and a half years ago we had never heard of this project, until a request was made to translate some official documents. This was the little start of a big job in a short time. Due his enormous willpower, perseverance and a vision that no one can rob him of. A project right from the heart and not for his own gain."

"When he approached us to make a contribution in the development of this book by translating Dutch to English, we gladly helped because of his willingness to help others, unfortunately time was running out..."

"Translation takes time to be able to produce a good product. That is our vision as a translation agency and this has to be done by native speakers, meaning that the translator translates into her mother tongue. That's why we work with conscientious translators who take their work to heart. This guarantees the product that they deliver. Although we offer translations in many language combinations, we work mostly with Dutch, English and German. We also work with Eastern European languages such as Croatian, Polish and Russian just to mention a few."

"We wish Marnix lots of success in the future with this fantastic initiative that he has taken. Keep it as "a matter of the heart".

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Richard & Anja Brunner
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