Marjan Reitsma - Communications Manager at Koninklijke Auping BV

Marjan ReitsmaAn "Auping Silence Area" in a skating academy, that is something different!
"Yes, it is indeed a creative name for the place where the skaters will sleep. It was the idea of Marnix, so to say. We gladly went along with it. The Auping Silence Area is truly for sleeping. The bed hardware had been made already, we have supplied all the mattresses and mesh bases. The most important thing is that, in addition to good ventilation and pressure relief, the mattresses give the best comfort for a good night's sleep. In the silence area all skaters should recover from all the training work that has been done in order to be completely fit again for the next training. We already had some experience with skaters and their sleep pattern. In the past we had such a deal with Jochem Uytdehaage, who took his own bed wherever he went."

What was the consideration of Auping to support the KIA Speed Skating Academy?
"We are normally very critical when such applications reach us. Daily, we receive sponsor proposals and we just can not go through with all. The KIA Speed Skating Academy, however, fits well with our brand. Sports people should relax and benefit from a good sleep, and that is something we can do something about. Moreover, there are top brands involved in the skating academy, which gives it extra value."

How Dutch is Auping?
"I can say, typically Dutch. Our company was founded in 1888 and we wear the royal designation. The Auping family still owns it, although they are no longer working within the company. The founder Johannes Auping invented the mesh base in 1888. He was a blacksmith in Deventer. He was given the assignment to make an air-permeable bed base for, how appropriate, the local hospital. Thus, the iron mesh base was developed, later improved of course. Now we have 350 employees, working in four factories in the Netherlands. We provide everything in the bedroom, box springs or a bed like to the Auronde. But also closets, pillows, quilts and textiles. We are a top Dutch company that likes to be part of this special speed skating project."

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Marjan Reitsma
Communications Manager at Koninklijke Auping BV

Laan van Borgele 70
7415 DK Deventer
The Netherlands