Maas Wieberdink - Specialised plastering company Wieberdink V.O.F.

Wieberdink, a familiar name in skating....
"Yes, Marnix is my cousin. We used to live in the same street in Elspeet. We both did speed skating when we were young. We were both good, but we were not top skaters. Who was better? Well, we were very close.Together with my father Jan and my brother Gerrit, we started a family business in specialised plastering fifteen years ago. Ornaments, panelling, and mouldings, are some of our favourite products. It often involves restoration of historic buildings. Altogether there are six of us we work hard on keeping up our standard in every respect. We often work in the region of Apeldoon, for example projects for the 'Gelders Landschap'. "

Was the restoration of the old hospital in Inzell a nice job?
"Phew! Incredibly heavy. There was no ornament in the original building, everything was really straight. But wanted to have things beautiful and perfect. So we did everything we could, together with Jacques de Koning by the way. All for free, but we did it with pleasure and enjoyed it. My children also skate and then you realize the importance of this skating academy for the sport itself.''

Satisfied with the results?
"Extremely! First you think you will work for a week, but then it turns out to be different. That's okay though. If you are working and suddenly you see a camera crew from Studio Sport coming in, lots of journalists coming to take a look, you realize what the KIA Speed Skating Academy will mean. One day, Gerard van Velde and Rintje Ritsma suddenly walked in. That was really was quite something for me. Two speed skating heroes that come to take a look at your contribution. The support and energy put into this project, even by the people in Inzell, is really amazing. Everyone realizes that this will be a new start for Inzell. "

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Maas Wieberdink - Wieberdink V.O.F.


Maas Wieberdink
Specialised plastering company Wieberdink V.O.F.

Nunspeterweg 38
8075 AC Elspeet
The Netherlands