Maarten Hogervorst - Director of Marketing & Product Management NEMEF

Maarten Hogervorst - NEMEFWhat does NEMEF do?
"NEMEF stands for Dutch Furniture Locks Factory, which was established in 1921. Since 2004 we belong to the ASSA Abloy Group, which is a world leader in what we call door opening solutions. Say all possible conceivable locks and locking systems. The group employs more than 30,000 employees and has an annual turnover exceeding 3 billion Euros. In Apeldoorn, we work with about 150 men. We are proud of the fact that the Research & Development departure for Europe, Africa and the Middle East is situated with us in Apeldoorn."

How does the NEMEF get involved with the KIA Speed Skating Academy in Inzell?
"My colleague Alex de Haan knew Marnix from when they were skating. Marnix has even done an internship at NEMEF once. He approached us asking if he could give a presentation about his international Speed Skating Academy. We were immediately enthusiastic. Besides we now support the speed skating sport, it is also a good project to show our latest products. We will definitely visit Inzell with our clients. It is a great reference project for us."

What does NEMEF do in Inzell then?
"We provide the latest technology in access control. With one remote control, all access levels can be managed, from rooms to saunas to outer space. You don't need keys anymore with this Radaris Evolution, although it is possible if that is desired. You can even use your smart phone as a key. It is wonderful that the skating world will end up with the latest gadgets. Inzell is a real testing ground for us. Judoist Dennis van der Geest has been a good ambassador for us and we hope the international skating world will do the same."

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Maarten Hogervorst
Director of Marketing & Product Management NEMEF

Tweelingenlaan 48
7324 AN  Apeldoorn
The Netherlands