Jurgen van Toor - Manager of Het Woonhuis

What is the business of "Het Woonhuis"?
"We are a wholesale company for furniture and we purchase furniture from all over the world and sell this in Europe. You can think of all types of furniture, from the living room to the bedroom. "Het Woonhuis" (Dutch for house, red.) exists already for 24 years and has developed itself from a simple wholesale company in pine furniture into a supplier of a complete lifestyle programme which includes furniture, lighting and living accessories. We have a small team, three purchasers and three people in dispatch. Of course we are not that big as IKEA, but we are pretty proud of our furniture being present in the catalogues of German mail-order companies like Otto and Baur."

How did the Kia Speed Skating Academy enter the field of "Het Woonhuis"?
"Marnix Wieberdink contacted us a while ago. He knew exactly which kind of products he wanted to have for the Academy. For example, we have produced the beds which he had designed in one of our own companies. With special drawers for clothing and suitcases under the bed, so that you don't see the mess. And it is heavy furniture, which can handle a lot, since I heard that athletes can be a little rough sometimes. Besides the beds we supply all the furniture which is placed in the living room, like couches, chairs, tables, cupboards and lamps."

Why is "Het Woonhuis" doing this?
"It is a great project, we really believe in it. We are a small company, so it has to be well considered, because we are speaking of a huge value of the furniture. Of course I am also doing this because of the love for the sport. I am an amateur skater, bought myself some new pairs of skates a few years ago. I have not been to Inzell yet, but thanks to all the videos and photos I am really up to date about what is happening there. Here, within "Het Woonhuis", we are really proud of having our own showroom in Inzell now."

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Jurgen van Toor
Manager of "Het Woonhuis"

Oerseweg 7-9
7071 PP  Ulft
The Netherlands