Henk C. Reuter - Director marketing & sales at Joh. Enschedé Amsterdam

Joh. Enschedé, isn't that the printing house for money, of bank notes?
"Certainly. Printer of money, stamps, all kinds of securities. And Joh. Enschedé Amsterdam is the traditional graphical division of this age-old company. We work especially in niche markets, we print beautiful art books and special sports books, or annual reports. But also many promotional printing, such as the familiar football pictures, scratch cards, face paint stickers, or instructions for the food and nutrition branch, which are printed with food safe ink. "

But what is the connection between the money printer and the KIA Speed Skating Academy?
"Through our good relationship with De Buitenspelers in Rotterdam, publisher of the finest sports books. Marnix Wieberdink asked them for help and they asked us if we could assist as a printer together with bookbindery Jansen from Leiden. And yes, we wanted to do that, because the story sounded honest and sympathetic. "Whether it leads to new business for us, can not be indicated in advance, but we have a weakness for towards speed skating. We also enjoyed printing the book Rondje 25 rond, what is about 25 years of speed skating sponsorship of AEGON. "

Do you have a connection with the speed skating sport?
"Yes, sports in general, but certainly also with speed skating. I grew up with it. I had a hard time on the old Frisian skates which belonged to my Frisian mother, because your feet where besides the skates, or they were so tight that the blood moved away from your feet. When I was in secondary school in Schiedam, and I competed in speed skating races, I took my fathers long track skates. Wearing three pairs of socks, it went great. I won, and it did something to me, believe me, because once there is natural ice, I always try to skate a tour. "

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Henk C. Reuter
Director marketing & sales at Joh. Enschedé Amsterdam

Donauweg 6
1043 AJ  Amsterdam
The Netherlands