Heiko Götz - Technician at Kapfelsperger Grosskuchentechnik

Besides being a kitchen technician, you are also the cook of the German biathlon federation. How did you get to the skating academy?
"That's a matter of pure love for the sport. I live near Inzell, Ruhpolding in particular. That is ten minutes driving. Ruhpolding is for biathlon what Inzell is for speed skating. If there is an event, there are about 100,000 spectators. A friend of mine pointed out to me that the skate academy needed help. Well, then I am willing to help out. This region needs new impulses to keep the economy going, so our children will have opportunities. And I skated at the Inzell ice rink in the past, so there is definitely a connection with the sport."

What type of kitchen will there be in the KIA Speed Skating Academy?
"A top kitchen, I can not say otherwise. Completely from stainless steel. With two chefs you can work perfectly here. Look, you can save a few thousand Euros, but the kitchen will last shorter than this one. And you need a lot more and better cleaning. We also will see stricter requirements in terms of hygiene in future. I took some work out of Marnix' hands, by arranging a number of permits, because that is very important here. You can not take any risks with the health of athletes. Before you know it the season is over for them."

How does a kitchen technician become a cook at the biathlon federation?
" I love biathlon, but I'm too heavy to practice it myself. Through a friend, I came into contact with the union and apparently they're happy. I am an amateur chef, I like working with fresh seasonal products. Even the pasta I make myself, because I want to keep preservatives as much as possible out of the kitchen and the sport.  I have been cooking for over 20 years for the Olympic biathletes, and they are very satisfied. I have been to the Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Turin and Vancouver as a cook. In 2014 I will go to Sochi, after that it is enough. In Turin we had the most gold medals. I think I was an important contribution to that. Because good nutrition is extremely important for athletic performance."

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Heiko Götz
Technician at Kapfelsperger Grosskuchentechnik

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