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Gerhard StangelmayerWhat does Stangelmayer do?
"We are a textile rental service. My parents have founded this company in 1955. They began setting up a small factory for the production and rental of various textile products. Meanwhile we have grown enormously and I became co-owner with my brother Arnulf. Our core business is the rental, maintenance and cleaning of all types of textiles, ranging from bed linen and towels to corporate uniforms. Currently we have 370 employees and rent out 50 tons of fabric per day. Among other hotels, nursing homes and hospitals, but also various industrial customers who use uniforms. We can and will tackle any problem that has to do with textiles. Our motto is that we can solve each textile problem of our customers."

How did you get involved in the project of Marnix Wieberdink?
"One of my employees, Patricia Gross, was told about the project that Marnix had started in Inzell by one of our customers. We started talking and his energy and ideas were very inspiring."

And so you started a partnership with the Kia Speed Skating Academy?
"Our sales department was so impressed with his plans and we felt like we wanted to help. Personally, my brother and I have nothing to do with skating, but sport is an important part of German, especially Bavarian, society. The idea behind the Academy is so special that we have decided to provide all textile products that he needs. Every week we will come to the Academy to provide fresh linen, towels and other textiles that our needed. It is a great and important initiative for the entire region, not only for Inzell."

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Gerhard Stangelmayer
Textileservice Stangelmayer GmbH

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