Fred Hagg - Director of Creative Colors BV

What has Creative Colors to do with skating?
"A lot! We are extremely visible in winter, during all the major skating events. And we even get a lot of television exposure. That is because we print the commercial advertising boarding along the ice rinks. And as well all the panels and canvases, like around the podium. It is the core of our business: we can print anything, for companies, for fairs and presentations. Of course we have many customers outside of skating. We are a total printing company with fifteen people working for us."

What is the connection to Inzell?
"That is not so difficult to see. We also deliver products to SportNavigator.NL such as advertising boardings, prints and panels. By the way, I was raised with a lot of skating in my youth. An outdoor event like in Collalbo, I really enjoy."

"Like all major championships. And if I am not there, I sit on my couch before the television and write down the lap times, even if it is in the middle of the night. I know exactly which lap a skater will die or start to speed up. To dedicate to our love for skating, we first sponsored Diane Valkenburg, later the VPZ team and this season Lisette van der Geest. We are also connected to the foundation WHvT (Warm Heart for top skaters), a private initiative of those involved in the Region of South Holland of the KNSB. This foundation is committed to recruiting sponsors for young talents from this region and facilities to their staff. And if you are often around skating events, you naturally bump into Marnix. That is why we are here."

The KIA Speed Skating Academy is a good initiative?
"Absolutely! Looking at the champions of the past couple of years, you can see that the same countries are very dominant. Only a few countries are really competing for the medals and that is too narrowly based. You need good exotics as well, if only to take away the large differences in performance. Improved results on a wider level make the sport much more fun for everyone. And the KIA Speed Skating Academy will be an important contribution to this. So that is why we like to support this with our prints on the doors and in the rooms, on the panels and canvases. We add the finishing touch."

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Fred Hagg - Creative Colors BV


Fred Hagg
Director of Creative Colors BV

Edelgasstraat 165
2718 TG Zoetermeer
The Netherlands