Frank Verblakt - Director ABC Afbouwcentre

What does ABC Afbouwcentre have in common with skating?
"Absolutely nothing. I have never ever skated and last year in autumn I was in Inzell for the first time in my life. The only sport that I like is skiing and that is a nice area to ski in. As a manufacturer of lipping and ornaments we are suppliers to plastering businesses throughout the Netherlands. We design and manufacture our own gypsum products. We do not use artificial materials in our products like one finds in the "do-it yourself" markets. Marnix Wieberdink came to us because we use specific materials. He is related to Maas Wieberdink who has a plastering business and is one of our clients. Maas and Jacques de Koning in the meantime have placed between 450 and 500 metres of gypsum ornaments, rozettes and trimming at the KIA Speed Skating Academy."

Are you satisfied with the project?
"The whole story is a tremendous advertisement for us. We have a small business consisting of five people and one can't always support a project like the KIA Speed Skating Academy. We also have to make a living. We gladly made an exception for Marnix. He came and politely asked us, showed us the drawings of Inzell and we could not help getting enthusiastic. That is understandable , because we see our contribution to the KIA Speed Skating Academy as a visiting card. We are not far from the German border and we also want to put our products onto the German market. Inzell can be our launching pad.

No regrets?
Not for one second. For example, we regularly supply 450 metres of cover stripping. But Marnix is extremely exacting. He even came with questions and ideas abut specific products which, up to that stage , we had never made. Take a look at the cielings on the first and second floor. Special ornaments were made with integrated lamps. He wanted it to be like that and we could not talk him out of it. After that came the greatest challenge; he wanted each floor to be provided with authentic looking wainscotting and panelling. Then there are the nice seperate columns on each floor. These did not exist, we had no previous experience in this field, but he resolutely wanted it to be done. Looking at the result, you can see how beautiful it has turned out. We are proud of having done this work for him. In addition the skating academy has become world class. This is just as important for us as it is for the skating community. You feel it when you are in Inzell talking to people who know something about skating. Marnix has been working on this project with heart and soul. The opening of the KIA Speed Skating Academy will be his moment of glory."

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Franc Verblakt - ABC Afbouwcentre


Frank Verblakt
Director ABC Afbouwcentre

Grotestraat 30
5821 AG Vierlingsbeek
The Netherlands