Floris van Dam - Director Benelux SPORT+MARKT

Floris van Dam - SPORT+MARKTSPORT und MARKT is the name of the firm and sounds very German. Why is that?
"We are a marketing agency that operates and does market and media research. Our controlling company is established in Keulen, and the reason for a German name. From the head office in Germany and local branches, like ours in Hilversum, 300 professionals measure the effect of sponsoring in sport , but also in the culture. We measure the value of each sponsorship using specially developed software, based on, for example, visibility on television. I sometimes jokingly say that the crisis may not take too long, because each euro spent on sponsoring must be given account of nowadays. As long as the factor is minimal and each euro invested is earned back, there are no problems."

Who does SPORT und MARKT work for?
"Actually for all companies that are sensible when it comes to sponsoring. Or for companies or organisations that want to know the value of their product. Take as example the Premier League clubs. Or KLM and the Open. And Delta Lloyd and its involvement with with sailing But also the KNSB, Rabobank and NOC٭NSF. Each company and each association wants to know how much advertising minutes, viewers share, appreciation and visibility will give in returns. We deliver all relevant information."

How did you come in contact with Marnix Wieberdink?
"Marnix was looking help to market his 250 foreign skaters well to his sponsors. KIA, CLAFIS and in the past Yacht, for example, wanted to have insight in what the value of their sponsorship was. If I can help him, then I do. Even more so, I believe that Marnix absolutely must be nominated as the best sponsor case in past years. He deserves a prize, because it is an absolutely responsible expense for all parties involved. Even the naming of the KIA Speed Skating Academy is of value, just as with the Allianz Arena in München, where, for example we had also been advisors. A stadiuim or organisation named after your company is absolutely worth a lot of capital."

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Floris van Dam
Director Benelux SPORT+MARKT

Hoge Larenseweg 40
1221 AR  Hilversum
The Netherlands