Ed Gareman - Director @Signs Vormcommunicatie

Ed Gareman - @SignsWhat does @Signs do?
"We are a small company capable of doing big things, is what I always say. We are specialised in advertisement signage, in the broadest sense of the word. We can place the letters and logos anywhere: from vehicles to signage and from facades to decorations. There are three of us, including my wife Joyce Wong, and we are especially active in the Zoetermeer region. But we also have clients in Groningen. BAM Contractors, Auto Recycling Nederland, and the Ministry of Defence are a few of our well known clients."

How did you get involved in the Kia Speed Skating Academy?
"We do a lot of business with Creative Colors, a printing company here in Zoetermeer. They and their employees are mad about skating. They asked us if we if we would place signage on a number of doors for the KIA Speed Skating Academy and if we could also mount them. I personally don't have any links with skating, although I myself was a top athlete. I was a gymnast and I did my training at the Papendal gymnastics boarding school. I was also in the Dutch national youth team. Then you always respect other top athletes one way or another."

What do you think of the Kia Speed Skating Academy?
"A big job. I was in Inzell for a few days to see how we would have to do this job. It is not just about the doors, but about all the signage on and around the building. Like the board above main entrance for example. Fortunately I can combine these trips and take some time out to ski. That Marnix is headstrong, is not a problem for me. In that aspect I probably surpass him. If you both have drive, are clear about matters and respect each other's expertise, then you find a solution. I see my contribution as a challenging and prestigious job and hope that the quality will be noticed by other people. Then my company will also have pleasure in having done it."

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Ed Gareman
Director @Signs Vormcommunicatie

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