Dik Eisink - Director/owner of advertising agency Standby Media

Dik Eisink - Standby MediaWhat kind of company is Standby Media?
"A nice small one person company that works for Marnix Wieberdink. No, seriously, I would not earn much if that was true. I work as an advertising agency for companies in the Apeldoorn region. I design logos and displays for stores and car dealers. As well, for example logos, advertising campaigns, signage, online / offline material for various communications and then I also give shape to books and book covers. I have designed many graphics around Sport Navigator.NL. What people have seen around the tent, on the bus and on the corporate communications, is mostly done by me. I'm quite proud of that. "

How did you get involved in the project of Marnix Wieberdink?
"Oh, that is a long history. I have known Marnix for a long time already, I even skate a little myself. My children were skating, my daughter Marieke has even been champion of Gelderland, now she mainly teaches how to skate at De Scheg in Deventer. One thing let to another. I was invited to come and look at Marnix and his foreign skaters. I saw that he was a bit of fiddling around with logos and presentations, in the same manner as with the iron which he used back then. But he actually did my work! I told him he should only go after the sponsors and he should let me handle the design."

And so, you could not escape from getting involved in the KIA Speed Skating Academy....
"Exactly, but with a lot of fun though. Inzell raises many emotions for a Dutchman. My daughter has had training camps here for example, on the old track. I have done some graphical things around the Academy, such as the large sign next to the road and things in the building itself. The work was done with love. And in this way I am able to show other people what I am capable of."

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Dik Eisink
Director/owner of advertising agency Standby Media

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