Diederik Hol - Director/owner of CadoMotus Skating BV

Diederik HolWhat is a producer of inline skates doing at the Kia Speed Skating Academy?
"We see that inline skating and speed skating are getting closer and closer. In the past, all skaters thought that inline skating was bad for their technique. And that a good inline skater could never be a good speed skater. But since people like Chad Hedrick and recently Bart Swings, the Belgian skater from our professional team who suddenly seems to be a really good ice skater as well everybody is convinced that both worlds can overflow. A guy like Swings managed to be ninth in the 1500 meters during the Europeans in Collalbo, without having skated seriously before."

What does CadoMotus do?
"Five years ago, we started with inline skating, including an own professional team. We supply inline skates, but as well short track and long track skates under the brand name of Marchese. It is a huge market, in which we grow enormously. Every year, we grow with about 30 percent. The world of inline skating is a lot bigger than the one of long track skating. The sport is being practiced seriously in 30, maybe even 40 countries. That is also the reason why I think that the fastest way to internationalisation and popularizing of the speed skating sport goes through the sport of inline skating. In that way, also continents like Asia and especially South America, where the inline sport is really big, can be reached. That is the reason why the KIA Speed Skating Academy is important for us. We supply speed skaters with inline skates for their training in summer and we hope as well to get inline skaters on the ice. That is also the reason that the KNSB is focussing on inline skating."

Is Inzell a good place for inline skating?
"To be honest, it is not really easy. On the main roads it is far to dangerous with all the traffic. And outside of those roads you start to go uphill pretty soon. But I understood that they will build an inline rink soon. CadoMotus has supplied the Academy with 40 pairs of inline skates, in all types and sizes, as well for women as men. That gives our Dutch brand as well the international image in speed skating."

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Diederik Hol
Director/owner of CadoMotus Skating BV

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