Constan Michiels van Kessenich - Director Jansenbinders

What kind of products does Jansen Binders bind?
"Basically everything from paperback to hand-made super deluxe art books. There is no book too big for us. But we also specialize in integrated binding, lightweight, flexible material for the education market."

Why do you participate in this skating project?
"Because we hope that it will bring new customers to us, I must honestly say. And the story of the pioneer of speed skating who feels the need to stand up for the underprivileged athlete, is very sympathetic. In the past I looked more often to speed skating than nowadays, because, especially for the men, the Dutch are too often among the winners. It is therefore not only a sympathetic story, but a story that is really needed as well."

Are you a skate fan then?
"Yes, but passive. I am a spectator. I myself was a very dedicated football player first, until my parents found the excitement along the line of other parents to aggressive and they signed me up for a field hockey club. In the beginning that was frustrating, but I finally began to like it and even got up to the highest class. And in the winter, between the hockey games, I watched the speed skating events on TV of course."

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Constan Michiels van Kessenich

Rooseveltstraat 49
2321 BC  Leiden
The Netherlands