Chiel van Praag - Director of the Chiel van Praag Group

Chiel van PraagWhat is your company's core activity?
"I wouldn't know where to start. We have eight employees and offer services in the field of event organisation, communication, incentives, athlete management, artists and presenters, but also making company videos and radio commercials. For example we work worldwide for the Tommy Hillfiger concern. We do work for KPMG Meijburg, for Rabobank, LG and for British Telecom, just to name a few of our bigger clients. Furthermore we do the management for presenters like for example Anita Witzier and Jochem van Gelder, artists and actors like Geert Hoes and Maud Mulder and athletes like Deborah Gravenstijn and Bob de Jong. O yes, and I also do meditation."

What connection do you have with skating and with Marnix Wieberdink?
"I originally was a football player, although I always liked skating. My problem was that when I became well known in the Netherlands, as goalkeeper, I became the victim of nasty actions from our opponents. Apparently that is how it works. As goalkeeper I ended up with a bad knee injury. That was why I started skating, at the Vechtsebanen as member of the Gooische Hardrijders Vereniging (Gooi Speed skaters Association). I do this three times a week. As a skating enthusiast and manager of Bob de Jong I came in contact with Marnix at a certain stage. From the first time we met I got on well with him."

Why did you make a promotional report about Marnix and his Speed Skating Academy?
"Marnix like all successful people has a quirk that is also what makes them so successful. Anita Witzier has a quirk (Dutch TV-star, red), I have a quirk and also Marnix has a quirk. It is about doing your work with passion. When he asked me to do the coverage, I immediately said yes. And this book is also such a brilliant idea. Marnix immediately thinks of something that his sponsors can also profit by. The clever thing about the KIA Speed Skating Academy is that everyone gains by it, also the Netherlands. Just imagine if skating would no longer be rated as an Olympic sport, simply because there are not enough strong, participating countries. All the more reason to support this initiative whole heartedly."

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Chiel van Praag
Director of the Chiel van Praag Group

Consisting of Eventions communication and event agency, Intershow management agency and Chiel van Praag productions, specialised in audio and video productions.

Lindelaan 101B
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The Netherlands