Bertus Butter - Director/Owner of Butter and Energy consultancy

Bertus ButterYou have been working with the ice rinks of Heerenveen, Haarlem, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Moscow, Astana and Kolomna, but with the rink of Inzell, you have nothing to do. Why?
"It is very simple, you can not do two things at once. I could not really do anything in Inzell. Provided that they did not asked me, but I would not have had time for it anyway. I needed all my attention for the work on the first indoor ice rink in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana. The Asian Games were held there this winter. Many Asian records were broken, so it was very successful. I have done many projects in the east in recent years. That is also a strong link with Marnix. After the Astana project I now have time for new projects. "

So not the Inzell rink, but you support the KIA Speed Skating Academy?
"Of course. It's a brilliant plan of Marnix. There will no longer be a competition if the number of competing countries is decreasing. Then the international speed skating sport will be doomed. Therefore I deeply respect Marnix. People made fun of him in the beginning! But yes, it might be that he needed that to get where he stands right now. "

What is your next project?
"I really have no idea. We have submitted a plan for the renovation and partial new construction of Thialf. This is a plan of 25 to 45 million Euros, depending on the choice to not only make a top ice track for competition, but also a track just for recreation. So it is a lot cheaper than the expensive plan of 150 to 250 million Euros some people have. Ridiculous how some people think they can use public money like that. That amount is not of this world. "And we still have a plan for covering the glorious Medeo ice track in Almaty, formerly known as Alma Ata. If we can do that, then that will be the best ice track in the world. Medeo is located at 1640 meter altitude, the water quality is superb, just like the oxygen quality. These are important stimulus for skating, because those are essential. Just like Marnix, we like to think about the future. "
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Bertus Butter
Director / Owner of Butter and Energy consultancy

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