Bertil Kruiskamp - Director/owner of 't Capiton Furniture and Interior Furnishings

CapitonPadding, what is that?
"This is a technique which is used to refurnish seats and couches. Nodes are pulled through the fabric creating a sort of pattern. A good example is the well known Chesterfield sofa. Hence our company name, 't Capiton (Dutch for padding). "But we do so much more than upholstering. We take care of the rest of the interior as well. Curtains, drapes or blinds. I measure it all up and do the upholstery, my wife Lineke advises customers in our shop in Apeldoorn. For a traditional approach and craftsmanship there is always a market."

Apeldoorn? That is how you know Marnix?
"No, I did not know him at all. I love skating, but on natural ice only. As a true amateur. Giethoorn for example, there it is amazing to skate when it is possible. I have seen that big bus of Sport Navigator.NL once in Apeldoorn. About three years ago, Marnix suddenly came into our shop and asked me if I could make him a couch for his house. Since then I have been following him and all those foreign skaters. Apparently he was satisfied with the couch, because a few months ago he suddenly came to our shop again. If I could help him with the design of the Kia Speed Skating Academy."

And then it is hard to say no?
"Indeed. He showed me a video presentation of the old hospital in Inzell and his further plans. It's hard not to be enthusiastic about it, because Marnix has a lot of persuasion. Together with a colleague, Co Ribbink, we have been working in our workshop for two weeks to create a whole range of couches. That is our specialty, because we often do special projects, such as the furniture of catering interiors. That always has to be something special. In Inzell, the skating world can now see what padding is. For us it is a very good reference. If it leads to something, it's a bonus, but that has never been the approach. It was our pleasure to contribute to the skating sport and we hope that we have contributed to a nice and comfortable stay for Marnix and the athletes."

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Bertil Kruiskamp
Director/owner of 't Capiton Furniture and Interior Furnishings

Asselsestraat 183
7312 CS  Apeldoorn
The Netherlands