Bernhard Dufter - Director of Dufter Wohnungsbau GmbH

Bernhard DufterYou started helping out the KIA Speed Skating Academy in the fall of last year. Why?
"There was a World Championships Single Distances coming in Inzell. An important event, with plenty spotlight for our town. It can not happen that a major attraction and international skating academy is not ready. That would be disastrous. I saw Marnix needed help from a professional supervisor. There was a roof demolished by two people, but it did not go fast. So I offered my services. Marnix also saw that a trained eye is needed to get everything done in time. Suddenly, I was the project manager."

Could you tell us an example of your input?
"The building regulations are strict. That requires knowledge of local regulations, but also requires practical solutions within the law. Marnix faced the more stringent fire safety regulations at some point. It seemed that everywhere throughout the building fire doors should be included. That would easily cost between 100,000 and 120,000 Euros extra. "That money I don't have", moaned Marnix. He saw his dream collapse, he was in shock. "I went to talk with local officials and then it was revealed that we would still have the required specifications if we would only have four additional fire doors. The smile on his face has never been so big."

Was it a fight against time?
"Absolutely! I have often told him: "You robbed me of my last nerve." Jokingly of course, but with a grain of truth. It's been hard work for all involved, but we managed. And it was a project which was important for me, because I was born in this hospital and I had two surgeries here. My knees are broken, a result of ice hockey. My contribution is serving the whole community in Inzell. Finally there is a bit of rush in the streets. There was something happening in Inzell. The arrival of the KIA Speed Skating Academy lives among the people."

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Bernhard Dufter
Director of Dufter Wohnungsbau GmbH

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