Arjan Blaauw - Director / owner of Cimitec Infra & Milieu BV

Arjan BlaauwWhat kind of company is Cimitec?
"We a firm of contractors, we do for example the construction and maintenance of impermeable floors. The floors are built at locations where the soil must be protected against environmentally damaging fluids. You can think of (chemical) industry, gas stations, car washes and so on.

"We are also specialized in making Creteprint, coloured and patterned concrete. Creteprint is a method based on concrete paving, where we pour the concrete, colour it and decorate it with figuration. This pavement stays free of weed, can not subside and looks like a traditional pavement. By applying a special technique it is even possible to create a concrete pavement which looks like a wooden floor. You can not see the difference.

"Concrete is an incredibly diverse product. Under the name of ConcreteIdeas, design in concrete, we are working on the design and production of custom made concrete products such as kitchen worktops, bathroom furniture and outdoor kitchens. After consultation, almost anything is possible.

How did you get involved in the project of Marnix Wieberdink?
"I know Marnix from the speed skating world. During a tournament in Moscow I met him and made him enthusiastic for concrete. Apparently convincing, because some time later we were again discussing the applications of concrete that could be used for the Academy.

So concrete products can be seen in the KIA Speed Skating Academy?
Not yet, but if the weather conditions are good enough, we will build a terrace outside under the wooden roof which is attached to the large living room. This terrace is of concrete with the look of a wooden floor, complete with knots and nail holes and therefore really easy to clean. In this way we want to contribute to this great initiative. "On top of everything, we have ConcreteIdeas to decorate the patio with a concrete table and benches that can stay outside all year round. I'm sure Marnix will get back to me about that. These products are perfect for him and his skaters. "
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Arjan Blaauw
Director/owner of Cimitec Infra & Milieu BV

Nipkowlaan 12
9207 JA   Drachten
The Netherlands