Viktor Harald Thorup

Personal Information

Born in: I’m from the city of Slagelse. It’s a calm city with about 30.000 inhabitant, also a brilliant place to practice inline skating with its two tracks and a well-developed club. I lived in Denmark until I turned 15, since then I have lived in the French town Toulouse.

Family and friends: I have a little sister who once skated, though only for a brief period. Both my parents work with pedagogical matters. My dad is in charge of an institution for handicapped people, and my mum works as a pedagogical manager at a retirement home.

Religion: Christian protestant… In theory.

Schooling: I am currently following some online courses in addition to my highschool diploma.

Hobbies: I usually spend my off-season playing videogames, doing other sports or spending time with my friends and family.

Other sports: My dad took me to soccer practice as a small child, and later inline skating which I have practiced since I was 8. Today I use cycling and running as training supplements. I have participated in cycling races the last two summers. I enjoy watching cycling (especially track cycling), swimming, shorttrack and most track and field events.

Personal Questions

What can make you sad in life and how do you handle that?

When things go wrong, and I am incapable of helping or changing anything. I usually talk with my best friends.

What is your definition of “happiness?”

To get what you have worked or aimed for. When you get something you have lacked for long.

Can you share a situation with us in which you can be very shy?

When meeting new people, or talking to more than one person at the time, unless I am very familiar with them.

Is there anything that you are ashamed of?

Crashing during warm-up.    

What is your biggest motivation in life?

To have as few regrets as possible, when I am older.

What is your biggest worry for the future?

Growing old and getting physically weaker.

Is there a motto in your life that will 'keep you going'?

“When life is hard on you, be hard on life.” Or “C’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui.”/”It’s by doing anything that we become anybody.”

When you have finished your speed skating career do you have already know what you will do?

I will probably eat a lifetime of unhealthy food. Focus more on my studies or my work.

Is there anything in your life where you are the most proud of?

Moving to France when I was 15, without further knowledge to the language. My dedication and determination to sports.

If there was one part of yourself that you could change, what would it be?

It is between lowering my hairline and flat out my ears. Tough choice.

Favourites and ‘Bests’

Favourite Movie: Klovn (Danish) or Forest Gump

Favourite Music: Whatever is on the radio.

Favourite Love Song: Can’t think of any

Favourite Book: The memory of love

Favourite Car: Renault Megane (quality and reliability)

Favourite Country: Denmark. It is calm and safe.

Best compliment: That shirt looks very becoming on you. If I was on you, I would be coming too.

Best memory: A trip to an inline competition in France many years ago, with my club. It was my first big competition outside Denmark, and I was surrounded by good friends.

Best person to be stuck on a deserted island with: Robinson Crusoe… He knows what to do.

Favourite Speed Skater: Håvard Bøkko. Because of his technique.

Favourite Ice Rink: Inzell or Berlin. It where I usually train, so my memories from those rinks are more than just nervous race preparations but also having fun with my teammates and enjoying it.

Speed Skating

Previous Coaches: Jens Nørremark was my coach for many years on the inlines. He gave me discipline and he helped building my mentality. Mathieu Miquel taught me a lot about the importance of structure and recovery in the period 2010-14. Jesper Carlson has been a great guide since 2009, He understands me well as a person and as an athlete.

Started Skating: I began skating in 2012, when the inline national coach invited me to an ice camp in Berlin. I continued as I felt my potential to be bigger than on the inlines.

Training Time: That depends. During the off-season its usually 12-15 hours. Probably a little more before important competitions.

Skates: I use standard Viking boots and the Nagano sprint blades.

What was your first important speed skating event and how did you race?

It was a junior world cup in Inzell. I can’t remember how I ranked, but I was satisfied with my race.

Are there any highlights in your career that are the most special for you?

When I skated a 5k in 6.47 in Hamar, and realized that I had a talent for this, and I was convinced by my friend Mikkel Øritsland to focus on ice instead of inlines.

Which personal skating result would you like to forget and why?

I had a terrible 10k in Astana that I would probably want to forget, but as it gave me a completely new view on pain, it was a good lesson.

What would you like to develop as a speed skater?

My technique. I need a better position and a higher top speed.

How many hours do you sleep per day? And can you sleep easily during important events?

I try to sleep at least 8 and a half hour per day. I actually find it more difficult to sleep right after important events because I keep analyzing my race, plus the throat gets dry and sore.

Is there anything that you would you like to say to your fans?

Thanks for following and believing in me.

Will you be an Olympic Champion one day and what will you do to achieve it?

Chances a small, but if I did not think so, I would nott be trying. I will be patient and Train my ass off.

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Name: Viktor Hald Thorup

Country: Denmark

Birthdate: 14/08-1994

Height: 190cm

Weight: 83kg

Eye colour: Blue/grey

Shoe Size: 44