Valentin Anghel

Personal Information:

Born in: I�m from a small town in Romania called Ploiesti.
Family and friends: I have an older sister Bianca that used to speed skate. Now she does cycling. I also have a brother who does Short Track. I�m not married, but I�m in a relationship. My girlfriend is someone special in my life and I like everything about her.
Religion: I believe in God. Schooling: I�m in Sport School right now, but I�m not finished yet.
Hobbies: Apart from skating, I like to play football.
Other sports: Football!

10 personal questions�

What can make you sad in life and how do you handle that?
Hard training!!
Can you share a situation with us in which you can be very shy?
I�m not really a shy person.
What is your biggest motivation in life?
To be good at what I do.
If you could change your life, which person would you like to be for one day?
Maybe Barack Obama because he�s a powerful person..
Is there something that you often dream of achieving?
Being at the Olympics.
What is your biggest worry for the future?
I don�t worry about the future.
When you have finished your speed skating career do you have already know what you will do?
I want to be a coach or a sports teacher.
Is there anything in your life where you are the most proud of?
When I had a good race at the Junior World Championships.
If there was one part of yourself that you could change, what would it be?
I would like to have more motivation when I race.
When you have children someday, what wisdom will you pass on to them?
To do something in life that you really want to do.

Favourites and �Bests�:

What do you eat for recovery, and what are your favourite foods?
I like everything except fish!
Favourite Movie: My favourite movie is John Q. I like it because it has everything, drama and action.
Favourite Music: R & B, and I like Akon.
Favourite Love Song: Andrea Bocelli.
Favourite Book: I don�t know.
Favourite Car: My favourite car is a Jaguar X-Type, I don�t have a car right now.
Favourite Country: I like China because I had fun when I was there. It was a fun country with fun people.
Best compliment: When I have good results in skating, my sister tells me that she�s proud of me.
Best memory
: When I made a personal record in the 500m. at Junior World Championships 2 years ago.
Best person to be stuck on a deserted island with: My girlfriend.
Favourite Speed Skater: I don�t have a favourite.
Favourite Athlete in another sport: Thierry Henry. I like him because he�s a very good football player.
Favourite Ice Rink: Calgary.

Speed Skating:

Previous Coaches: Dorin Zarnescu, he taught me how to skate.
Started Skating: I started skating when I was 7 years old, because my sister skated.
Skates: Viking Boots and Maple Blades.
What was your first important speed skating event and how did you race?
World Junior Championships, and I raced really good!
Are there any highlights in your career that are the most special for you?
My World Junior Championship results. I was so happy that I was able to race well at my first important competition.
What would you like to develop as a speed skater?
Technique and power.
How many hours do you sleep per day? And can you sleep easily during important events?
10 hours is perfect but 9 is normal. I don�t have problems sleeping.
Is there anything that you would you like to say to your fans?
Hello to my fans!!
Will you be an Olympic Champion one day and what will you do to achieve it?
Skate fast!

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Full name: Valentin Antonio Anghel
Nicknames: "Valy"
Country: Romania
Birthdate: 14/10/1991
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Eye colour: Brown
Shoe size: 40

Personal Records

500: 36.43
1000: 1:12.20
1500: 1:51.05
5000: 6:48.20