Iñigo Vidondo

Personal Information

Born in: I was born in Vitoria Gasteiz which is a city in the north of Spain.
Family and friends: Back in Spain I lived home with my parents and I also have a younger brother.
Religion: Catholic
Schooling: No
Hobbies: I like to go to the cinema with my friends.
Other sports: Golf and cycling

Personal Questions

What can make you sad in life and how do you handle that?
Loosing any family members and I’m not sure how I would handle it.
What is your definition of “happiness?”
Having a good time with my friends and family
How many minutes do you spend in front of the mirror each day? And how do you ‘dress to impress’?
More than 10 minutes. Something I feel comfortable and good wearing.
If you could possess one superpower, what would it be and why?
I would want to access 100% of my brain and be the smartest person in the world.
Is there something that you often dream of achieving?
To be the best at speedskating
What is your biggest motivation in life?
Doing good in speedskating.
What is your biggest worry for the future?
I don’t like to worry.
Is there a motto in your life that will 'keep you going'?
Sin sufrimiento y sacrificio no hay resultados.
When you have finished your speed skating career do you have already know what you will do?
Be a speedskating or inline coach.
Is there anything in your life where you are the most proud of?
Being the third in the world of the inline marathons.
If there was one part of yourself that you could change, what would it be?
I like myself the way I am.

Favourites and ‘Bests’

What do you eat for recovery, and what are your favourite foods?
My favorite food is the Italian kitchen
Favourite Movie: La vida es vella
Favourite Music: House, Dance, Elctro pop
Favourite Book: Los pilares de la tierra
Favourite Car: Ettore Bugatti
Favourite Country: Korea
Best person to be stuck on a deserted island with: Scarlett Johansson
Favourite Speed Skater: Sven Kramer
Favourite Athlete in another sport: Rafael Nadal
Favourite Ice Rink: Max Aicher Arena

Speed Skating

Previous Coaches: Marcello Bressin. He helped me a lot with the transission from inline to speedskating.
Started Skating: 2 years ago, because I want to compete in the Olympic games and that is not possible as an inliner.
Training Time: 4-5 hours a day
Skates: Maple blades and Cavalli shoes
Are there any highlights in your career that are the most special for you?
Almost doing the world cup time for the 1500m.
Which personal skating result would you like to forget and why?
My attempts to qualify for the 1500m in the world cups.
What would you like to develop as a speed skater?
Better technique.
How many hours do you sleep per day? And can you sleep easily during important events?
I can sleep easily during important events and I sleep about 8 hours per day.
Is there anything that you would you like to say to your fans?
I’m grateful for the support I get.
Will you be an Olympic Champion one day and what will you do to achieve it?
Yes, I will train really hard to get there.


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Name: Iñigo Vidondo Fernandez de Larrinoa

Country: Spain

Birthdate: 23/04/1989

Height: 1.80m

Weight: 76kg

Eye colour: Brown and green

Shoe Size: 44.5

Personal Records

500m 38,07

1000m 1.16,11

1500m 1.53,14

3000m 4.00,65

5000m 7.00,72