Elina Risku

Personal Information

Born in:  In Seinajoki, there are about 58,000 people.  My parents still live there.  I lived with them and still trained there before coming to Inzell.
Family and friends:  I have two older brothers.  They both skated but they finished when they were around 15 and 17 years old.  My mom skated.  She was the last Finnish woman to compete in the Olympic Games, and this was in 1980.  I want to be the next Finnish woman to compete in the Olympic Games!  My mom is a physiotherapist now, and my dad is a fitter.
Religion: I believe in God.
Schooling: I finished high school last December. 
Hobbies:  I like to watch different games like football, Finnish baseball (it`s like baseball but a little different), bandy (floorball).  I like to spend time with my friends.
Other sports:  When I was young I played football. I was also a ballet dancer.  I tried to do figure skating but I only trained for it for one month, it wasn`t for me!  I also tried cheerleading. 

10 Personal Questions

What can make you sad in life and how do you handle that?
Hard things make me sad, and when I`m thinking good things I feel better.
Can you share a situation with us in which you can be very shy?
I can be a little shy when I meet new people.
Is there something that you often dream of achieving?
Of course going to the Olympic Games, but also to become a police officer. 
What is your biggest motivation in life?
Always when I get very good results in a race, it motivates me to get better.
What is your biggest worry for the future?
I worry sometimes about my health for sport because I have had so many injuries.
Is there a motto in your life that will 'keep you going'?
Live your life as if every day is your last day.
When you have finished your speed skating career do you have already know what you will do?
I want to go to police school and become a police officer.
Is there anything in your life where you are the most proud of?
When I was in my last year Junior I broke a 32 year old Finnish National Allround Record which was my mom`s record. 
If there was one part of yourself that you could change, what would it be?
I would change my back, because that is where I have my injury and I have to think about it every day.

Favourites and Bests

What do you eat for recovery, and what are your favourite foods?
I don't have any one food that I like to eat after training, I can eat everything because I'm always so hungry after training.  I don't have any favourite foods, I like almost all foods.
Favourite Movie:  I liked Sex and the City the movie.  I like Romantic Comedy movies and drama.
Favourite Music: I like all kinds of music but not country or opera. 
Favourite Love Song: I can't think of one
Favourite Book:  I like to read romantic books.
Favourite Car:  I have a car that I can use in Finland, it is a Seat Leon.  If I could have any car, I would pick some type of sports car but I like a lot of cars. 
Favourite Country: Finland! 
Best compliment: I don't remember any special ones. Best memory:  I think maybe my last Junior World Championships because it was in my home town and I skated a few national records there.
Best way to "dress to impress":  I like to wear a nice dress.
Best person to be stuck on a deserted island with:  I think I would pick my mom.
Favourite Speed Skater:  I would say my mom from the past.
Favourite Athlete in another sport: Usain Bolt because he is very fast and he won a lot.
Favourite Ice Rink: I like Inzell, I like Collalbo when there is good weather.

Speed Skating

Previous Coaches:  I have had the same coach my whole career and she is still my coach.  Pirjo Lehtinen.  I learned everything from her.
Started Skating:  I was two years old when I skated for the first time 100 meters and my time was about 2 minutes 16 seconds!  When I was 5 years old I started speed skating.  I don't even remember a time when I didn't go to the ice rink, so I have skated my whole life.  I started because of my family. 
Training Time:  Normally I train about 4 hours per day and 6 days per week.
Skates:  I have Marchese boots and Maple blades.
What was your first important speed skating event and how did you race?
I was 10 years old and I skated with the 13 year old group in the Viking International Race in Holland.  I can't remember how I placed.
Are there any highlights in your career that are the most special for you?
I finished in fourth place at Junior World Cups in Baselga and in Groningen in the 500 and 1000 meter.  Last February in Inzell l got new boots right before I raced and I skated under 40 seconds in the 500 for the first time in Europe.
Which personal skating result would you like to forget and why?
My first Sprint World Championships in Calgary last year I fell and was disqualified in the first 500 meter and then I didn't race the rest of the competition.
What would you like to develop as a speed skater?
I think I need to work on everything.  Especially power and speed.
How many hours do you sleep per day? And can you sleep easily during important events?
About 8 hours normally, and sometimes I nap during the day for about 30 minutes.  I don't have problems sleeping before big competitions.
Is there anything that you would you like to say to your fans?
Come to competitions and cheer!
Will you be an Olympic Champion one day and what will you do to achieve it?
Yes, I will train hard for it.

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Elina Anne Maria Risku
170 cm
65 kg
Eyes: Green/grey
Shoe size: 38

Personal Records

500: 39,73
1000: 1.18,79
1500: 2.03,57
3000: 4.26,78