Agota Lykovcan

Personal Information:

Born in: Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
Family and friends: I just have 3 half sisters, but none of them skate. I just got married with my husband Balazs. I have lived with him for more than 2 years, and he is very special to me. My father and mother are also very special to me. What I like best about my boyfriend is that he is honest, open, purposeful, and kind.
Religion: This is a hard question. Sometimes, yes, I believe in God.
Schooling and work: I learned communication studies and media studies in a college called Kodolany Janos Foiskola for 3 years. I'm finished in 2009. I have worked as a personal trainer during my skating career, and before that I also worked for Hungarian television as a reporter.
Hobbies: I love spending time with my friends. I love music, and I love movies, but I don't really have a hobby.
Other sports: Before speed skating I also did tennis, running, handball, figure skating, folklore dance. I chose speed skating because I liked the best. I also like playing hockey, swimming, and running.

10 personal questions

What can make you sad in life and how do you handle that?
If my parents have problems, that hurts me. I can't really handle that.
Can you share a situation with us in which you can be very shy?
When I have to be nude, for example at the doping control!
What are you ashamed of?
When I finish last in every competition.
What is your biggest motivation in life?
To establish financial independence through achieving my goals
Is there something that you often dream of achieving?
My biggest dream to become one of the fastest skater ever, I'm in the middle of my way to achieve it.
What is your biggest worry for the future?
My biggest worry is that my parents will pass away.
Is there a motto in your life that will 'keep you going'?
"Good timber does not grow with ease the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees."
If you ever will have children (or already have) what wisdom would you like to pass on to your children?
Whatever they start to do always do the best they can and never give it up.
Is there anything in your life where you are the most proud of?
Yes, there is. I have learned lots of things in my life, how to be a better person, how to treat myself to achieve my goals. Right now I know what is important for me, I know how to make it happen.
If there was one part of yourself that you could change, what would it be?
It would be not waste too much time for things or persons who are make me sad.

Favourites and Bests

What do you eat for recovery, and what are your favourite foods?
I love everything and I don't really have a favourite food, but maybe Italian cuisine. As a drink I like fresh juices.
Favourite Movie: It's not a movie but my absolutely favourite is the Friends series, but I'm also like a lot of movie for example Million Dollar Baby. I love Friends because it's full of funny conversations and I like the actors in it.
Favourite Music: It depends on my pleasure, I like every kind of music.
Favourite Love Song (to propose marriage with): Maybe that song will be somewhere over the rainbow by israel kamakawiwo'ole.
Favourite Book: Lance Armstrong: My Journey back to Life, because his story was very inspiring.
Favourite Car:  Nissan 350Z
Favourite Country: Canada. I love the people there. I think that there isn't so much delinquency, and there is social welfare.
Best compliment: My father is my biggest critic, and when he gives me any compliment it is the best.
Best memory: I have a lot, but when of my favourites is when I first met Balazs.
Best way to 'dress to impress': I get on a pair of dark, blue jeans with a black top and high heels shoes and maximum two accessories.
Best person to be stuck on a deserted island with: That would definitely be Balazs.
Favourite Speed Skater: Anni Friesinger, because she is very friendly and love her skating at all. Unfortunately she doesn't know who I am.
Favourite Athlete in another sport: My father is my absolute hero, he was a weightlifter, and a champion. Because he knows what means the pain exactly.
Favourite Ice Rink: Calgary Olympic Oval, because I love the environment there.

Speed Skating:

Previous Coaches: Zsolt Balo, and I learned technique from him. Also my father Kalman Toth, I learned endurance and training technique from him.
Started Skating: It was 16 years ago.
Training Time: In the winter I train 12 per week and in the summer 18.
Skates: Seves boots and Maple blades.
What was your first important speed skating event and how did you race?
It was the Junior World Championship in Japan. Unfortunately I didn't win. :-)
Is there any highlight in your career, which is the most special one for you?
Last year when I skated under 40 seconds, that was a special one, because I was sick back then, and I had no doubt that I am able to make it.
What would you like to develop as a speed skater?
I want to improve my technique to become faster.
How many hours do you sleep per day? And can you sleep easily during important events?
Usually I sleep 8 hours. I can't sleep easily before competitions because I'm jittery. Usually I meditate to try to relax.
Is there anything that you would you like to say to your fans?
I hope that my actions speak louder than words.
Will you be an Olympic Champion one day and what will you do to achieve it?
I will do everything to achieve it!

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Nicknames: "Ago" and my husband calls me "Muki"
Country: Hungary
Birthdate: 02/09/1987
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Eye colour: Greenish Blue
Shoe size: 40

Personal Records

500: 39,17
1000: 1.18,55
1500: 2.05,95
3000: 4.23,75